Illinois Switches From ACT, Will Give Students SAT Instead
CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois will stop giving the ACT college entrance exam and instead start giving high school juniors the rival SAT.
The Chicago Tribune reports the company that offers the ACT has filed a protest with the state seeking to cancel Illinois' contract with the College Board, whi…
Stadelman Pushes For MAP Grant Funding
Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network
For Trisha Rodriquez of Belvidere, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is her “dream school.”
“It's such a huge school, and there are so many opportunities that I don't really get where I'm from,” said the first-generation college student, a sophomore maj…
Mom Uses Facebook to Guilt Son Into Calling
So, your son went off to college well over a month ago, and you haven't gotten a single phone call from him. What's a mom to do? My mom would probably have shown up at my dorm room with a wooden spoon in her hand. Assuming I lived to tell the tale, I would have gotten the message loud and …
Illinois House Rejects Legislation Restricting Severance Packages
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The Illinois House has rejected legislation that would cap the size of severance packages community colleges can offer to departing administrators.
It also would have limited standard contracts to four years and required public notice and approval of any new, amended or…

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