I've recently stumbled upon a website that has sucked a tremendous amount of time out of my daily work schedule. 

The website is wheeldecide.com and if you're having trouble filling out your bracket or really deciding anything else in your life this site is here to help.

The premise of the site is that it makes a bunch of Wheel Of Fortune type "wheels" and then randomly spins it and spits out the answer. The beauty of applying it to the NCAA bracket is that it actually "weighs" the wheels so they accurately represent the likelihood of each contest.

If you look at the first picture it has every first round game represented by a wheel. The 1-16 matchups have a sliver of color for the 16 seed and the majority of the wheel represented by the 1 seed. The 8-9 matchups are represented by 50/50 wheels.  You click go, it spins the wheels and gives you this:


As you can see there have been some upsets. Notably Northern Kentucky beating Kentucky in the first round. You can see that in the lower right hand corner. Other upsets include: New Mexico St over Baylor in the East, Iona over Oregon in the Midwest and VCU over St. Mary's in the West.

If you've stayed with me this long then I'm guessing you're a fan and want to see how this plays out. Let's move ahead in the bracket.


A wild result in the south regional as 15 seed Northern Kentucky advances to the Sweet 16 over Wichita St. (Sorry Fred Van Vleet.) The other shocker is Eastern Tennessee State advancing after some upsets in the East. And this is what I really like about this site. These are upsets that you'd never pick but always end up happening in the always random NCAA tournament. Let's fast forward to the Final Four.


This is a Final Four that I can actually see happening. You have the overall top two teams in Villanova and Kansas along with a modest upset in Florida State and an out of nowhere team like Minnesota. That's what always happens in the tournament. Also in this picture you can see how the teams are still differently weighted. The Villanova-FSU circle is basically 50/50 while Kansas occupies noticeably more of the circle than the surprising Golden Gophers of Minnesota.

Place your bets for the championship game.


Rock Chalk J-Hawk indeed. Again thanks for sticking with me while I geek out over my new toy. I've never come close to winning a NCAA Bracket Pool so I think I'll be using this to make my final submission.

Please remember that this should only be used for fun and not as a wagering device. wink-wink. 

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