Continuing from 'Rockford’s Two Most Haunted Places Are Way Creepier Than You Think', we learn about two cemeteries with a long history of paranormal activity and the origins of the stories.

First, Kathi Kresol (the author of Haunted Rockford, Illinois) takes us through the history of New Milford Cemetery located at the edge of Rockford. Apparently, in the 1800's a man's ill wife died and was laid to rest on the east coast, leaving him to continue searching for her around New Milford Cemetery, where his body was buried.

Although that story is creepy, it doesn't have anything on the stories surrounding Bloods Pointe Road - where you will find Bloods Point Cemetery. From a demonic dog to an unexplainable truck, children laughing, and more - this story behind this legendary cemetery is chilling.

There you have it - the background on two cemeteries with this most paranormal activity in and around Rockford, IL.

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