Every city has its own share of ghost stories, and Rockford is no exception.  I'm sure you've heard the haunted tales of Tinker Swiss Cottage and Coronado Performing Arts Center in Rockford, but have you heard the story about the little girl that has haunted the streets of Rockford for well over 100 years?!?

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The Tale of Rockford's 'Little Girl Lost'

In all the years that we've listened to Kathi Kresol of Haunted Rockford's scary stories, I have never heard her tell the story about the little girl that haunts an old building and the streets in Southeast side of Rockford. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda wishing I would never had read this story today. Kathi's 'Little Girl Lost' story starts like this;

There is a warehouse on the Southeast side of Rockford that has an unusual problem. The problem isn’t with wiring or plumbing; this warehouse has a ghost. Actually, it has a couple of them. But the most disturbing one is the ghost of a little girl. No one can remember when they started hearing stories about this little girl, but all agree it has been years.

Uh oh. Wait, there's more.

Where to Spot Rockford's Ghost Girl


Rockford's 'Little GIrl Lost' is about 5-8 years old, has long, light-brown hair and wears a dress with stockings and boots. Kathi's story goes on to say people have reported seeing this little ghost girl all over the Rockford area, but sightings primarily center around the intersection of Samuleson and 6th Street. Many people say she is often seen skipping along the road or picking wildflowers, but what's most disturbing is that she "is just as solid as any other living little girl. The only thing odd about her is she is dressed in clothes from another time."

Got goosebumps yet? You should probably read about what a Rockford man named "Sam" recounted about his run in with Rockford's ghost girl now at hauntedrockford.com.

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