It took me an embarrassingly long time to visit Nicholas Conservatory.

I finally made the trip over the summer when they had their carnivorous plant exhibit and was blown away. It lived up to the hype and more. Truly a gorgeous place that you need to see if you haven't already.

Maybe you have kids that you don't think would be interested in plants. No problem because the perfect exhibit for kids is about to open in December.

It's called Sinnissippi Station and it looks pretty awesome.

Be transported to a magical miniature world as seven G-scale trains and trolleys run down, around, and above you - all in the lush tropical setting of the Nicholas Conservatory.

Miniature Rockford landmarks and willow trestle bridges add to the enchanting ambiance...NEW landmark this season, the Coronado Performing Arts Center!

I don't personally have kids but from what I gather, pretty much every American human under the age of 8 loves trains. I'm not sure if that's all because of Thomas the Tank Engine or what but kids lose their minds over the train. I used to ride the Metra into Chicago on a regular basis and there were always families waiting at train stops just to see a train, not board it, just catch a glimpse and these kids would be losing it when the train pulled up.

Anyway, while the trains will get the kids interested, you should be excited for all the mini models of Rockford landmarks dotting the exhibit. They're incredibly well done and get more detailed the more you look at it.

Sinnissippi station stops include:

The Nicholas Conservatory

The Symbol

Sinnissippi Band Shell

Illinois Central Railroad Depot

Trolley Barn

Rose Garden Trellis

Floral Clock

Rockmen Guardians

Jefferson Street Bridge

Amerock Covered Bridge

Rock River Bridge

Pecatonica River Bridge

The exhibit opens on December 3rd and will be around until the end of January.

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