One of the coolest exhibits at Nicholas Conservatory will return this weekend. 

Quick sidebar: I hope we're in the trust tree on this one because it is embarrassing. I literally just found out that it is the Nicholas Conservatory and not the Nichols Conservatory. Was most likely confusing it with the hardware store. My apologies to the Nicholas family for my prior confusion.


The butterflies are back at Nicholas Conservatory. It's been a few years since they've been here. Whether it's carnivorous plants, Lorikeets, or butterflies, the Conservatory's special events are always a must-visit.

Here's a look at what the exhibit looked like a few years ago.

This isn't just for kids either. Everyone will love this. We had Laura Gibbs-Green on the show this morning when she was talking about it. She said that it's always the adults that hang around for hours asking questions about the butterflies. She also noted that the staff loves it when people are curious. That is after all, what they're there for.

Pre-Registration is required. Make sure you visit the website to secure your timeslot. Make sure you check it out sooner than later. Every morning session for this Saturday's opening event is already full. With the weather turning nicer soon, this will definitely be at the top of a lot of people's to-do list.

Don't forget that memberships to Nicholas Conservatory are available for as little as 50 dollars a year. That includes year-round admission as well as many other perks. It's a Rockford gem that deserves your support.

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