The Cubs are looking to keep their fans a little bit safer next year with a key stadium upgrade. 

Last week a 2-year-old was sent to the hospital in New York after taking a 105 MPH foul ball liner to the head at Yankee Stadium. This could have been avoided if there had been a safety net extended down the foul line.

A handful of teams came out after the incident and said that they would be extending their protective nets beginning next season. Cubs executive Crain Kenney told 670 The Score yesterday that the Cubs will be doing the same.

ChicagoCBSLocal - The Cubs' new plan is for the netting to extend to the beginning of the dugouts and will come in conjunction with moving both the dugouts slightly farther down the lines as part of continued Wrigley Field renovations. There will be at least 30 more feet of netting, and the Cubs are evaluating the possibility of adding even more.

If you are opposed to this because you don't want an "obstructed view" with the nets in the way, you're just going to have to get over it. If the people directly behind home plate can handle it, you will too eventually. The same complaint was used when the NHL put protective netting around its rinks after a young girl died after getting hit in the head with the puck. Let's hope the MLB is proactive enough for once to take action before a tragedy occurs.

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