The Cubs got back on track this past weekend by sweeping the Cardinals. In the process they also made Tim McCarver look pretty foolish (not a tall task.)

If you've followed the Cubs at all you know that their ace Jon Lester has some difficulty throwing the ball to first, or any base for that matter. This lead to the Cardinals taking some outrageous leads off first base against the Cubs ace.

That's when all the stars aligned. Tommy Pham of the Cardinals is taking about a 20 foot lead on Lester. McCarver is praising this move. Saying that everyone should do this every time. Then as if Jon Lester is listening he makes a quick toss to erase the runner.

As a Cubs fan it doesn't get much better than this. The Cardinals have always been an organization that thinks they're smarter than everyone else and McCarver has been a horrible announcer for basically my entire life.

I do want to point out my favorite bit about this highlight. At the very end McCarver says "That's alright. It's worth it."

What an idiot. He's basically the kid who just fell off his bike and tells all his friends that me meant to do it. Keep it up Cardinal nation. You're the best.

This should also serve as a reminder that Cub fans are truly blessed with the radio and TV announcers we get on a regular basis. Having to sit down with Tim McCarver for baseball games would not be a fun existence.

BONUS Tim McCarver footage. Never forget the time that Tim basically blamed global warming for more home runs. He's the best.

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