The Cubs are trying to suck up to their fans and it might be working. 

It was a rocky start to the offseason for the Cubs front office when it came to fan relations. Yu Darvish, Kyle Schwarber, and Jon Lester were all either traded or flat-out let go the past couple of months. This did not sit well with Cub fans. Those three guys were more than just good players, they all had formed a bond with the fan base. Yu Darvish shook off a rocky start with the Cubs and turned into one of the best pitchers in baseball last year. Kyle Schwarber's postseason performance and overall demeanor will make him a Cub legend forever. And Jon Lester was the best free-agent signing in Chicago sports history, brought a World Series to the Cubs, and then bought beers for the entire city this past summer.

To say they were fan favorites would be a little bit of an understatement. The Cubs brass, no matter how disconnected to social media they were, had to hear the frustration from their fan base.

Does that explain the last two moves from the Cubs.

Full disclosure. I'm absolutely ecstatic about these two moves. I know that my emotions might be being manipulated, but I'm fine with that.

First was the news last week that Jake Arrieta was going to be joining the Cubs. That deal was actually finalized today.

Is Arrieta anywhere near the Cy Young winning pitcher he was in 2015? Not according to last year's stats with the Phillies but the Cubs are hoping to catch a little lightning in a bottle and recreate moments like this:

Or maybe even this.

We'll wait and see.

Then news dropped this morning that the Cubs were inviting former relief pitcher Pedro Strop to spring training. That's right. Hats are officially back to the left.

Now, like Arrieta, Strop isn't quite the pitcher he was during his first time around with the Cubs. Additionally, Strop doesn't have a major league contract yet so there is a (probably strong) possibility that he never even plays with the big league team.

The way the Cubs are going right now, if I'm Dexter Fowler, I might be looking at condos in Chicago. Who knows where the Cubs will stop.

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