The next time you arrange to meet someone at a landmark near Wrigley Field, make sure you know the landmark is still there.

When the Cubs had their home opener on April 12, 1999 they included in the opening day festivities, the unveiling of a new Harry Caray statue outside the gate at the corner of Waveland and Sheffield.

It has seen a lot of action over the years as a very popular meeting place to any party setting up a rendenzvous before a Cubs game.

You'd meet at the Harry Caray statue, head over to the 7-11 for a walking around beer in a cup, and figure out which bar you were going to hang out at before the game.

R.I.P. to the 7-11. You will be missed.

Shortly after the instillation of the Harry Caray statue, Chicago scratched it's innate itch to build statures and began installing others around Wrigley Field.

Ernie Banks

Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, was the next Cub legend immortalized in statue form, March of 2008.

Ron Santo

Three years after Banks, the former third baseman and beloved radio announcer, Ron Santo was honored with a statue. Santo had passed away from bladder cancer less than a year prior.

Santo also had a famous toupee. This video is worth 10 minutes if you were a fan.

Billy Williams

Sweet Swinging' Billy Williams was the most recent statue to go up outside Wrigley Field. The Billy Williams statue was unveiled in 2010.

The Cubs Are Adding Another Statue and Moving Most of the Others

Twelve years is a long time for a Chicago franchise to not erect any statues so the Cubs will be rectifying that this summer with a new installation of former Cubs pitcher, Fergie Jenkins.

The Fergie Jenkins statue will be place in the (currently under construction) Statue Row at Gallagher Way right next to the park.

From their press release:

Statue Row will be the new home for all Wrigley Field statues, including the Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, Ron Santo, and Billy Williams statues, but excluding the Harry Caray statue, which will remain in its current location.

No word yet on any plans for future statues. There will certainly be one for Rizzo and/or Bryant someday, but they'll probably wait for them to retire before casting them in metal.

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