Tragedy has unexpectedly fallen on the family of a former Chicago Bull. 

ESPN - Cavaliers guard Kyle Korver has been excused from Wednesday's game against the Toronto Raptors to be with his family after his brother Kirk died Tuesday, the team announced in a statement.

The details on his brother's death are scant but Kyle did miss the Cavalier's game against the Bulls on Saturday to be with his family.

Kirk, 27, was the youngest of four brothers. They all played basketball at the collegiate level or higher. Kirk Korver finished his college career in 2014 at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he scored 597 points and snagged 267 rebounds in his four year career for the Kangaroos.

Kyle Korver played for the Bulls over the course of 2 seasons from 2010-12 where he averaged 8 points and 1.5 assists per game.

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