*Day dreams about cheese fries*

I live in West Dundee which is around 40 miles outside of Rockford. AKA 40 miles away from a Beef-a-Roo. That was the case, until now! Check out the best news ever.

That's like MINUTES from where I live. How exciting is that? Since I don't live near a Beef-a-Roo, I've only tried a few of their menu items. But now that I live so close, I am dying to go all the time. But I am the type of person where I need menu suggestions. I want to know that this is someone's favorite before I go ordering it.

I put the question up on our Instagram to inspire some order ideas. And let me just say you did not disappoint.

Maybe you're like me and you need some lunch inspiration. So let's go through the most delicious list you'll read all day.

15 Beef-A-Roo orders suggested by Rockford residents -

  1. Summer berry salad. Or cheese fries and dessert of the week
  2. Turkey bacon club, onion rings, and a raspberry shake.
  3. Giant cookie 🍪 diet Mountain Dew strawberry salad no chicken, harvest veggie burger, Junior hamburger for my puppy (plain)
  4. Cheddar fries and a chocolate shake
  5. Summer berry salad and a small fry. If you're not getting fries just don't go there.
  6. Chicken strips and cheese fries!
  7. Wild west beef and loaded fries
  8. Summer berry salad
  9. Beef and cheddar sandwich and chicken tortilla soup
  10. The chopped salad is always my to go
  11. Turkey Avocado Jack Wrap, Cheese Fries, and a chocolate mint shake
  12. Big Beef & Swiss
  13. Roast Beef and cheese fries
  14. Wild West Wrap & onion rings
  15. I don’t have just 1 go to! I love Beef A Roo!! My favorite

I love the last answer. Order all the food!

Catch me in this drive-thru A LOT this summer.

Can't wait to make my way through the menu starting with your suggestions.

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