When the Cubs open the 2020 season, it will be at home in an empty Wrigley Field. That kind of silence may have a negative effect on player performance.

The Chicago Cubs organization is working on some very special audio to be played at various times throughout a game. If you've ever wondered just how much crowd noise affects a professional athlete's performance, this might give you the answer. I suspect using fake crowd noise on the speakers around Wrigley Field is not just for the TV audience, like pre-recorded (canned) laughter used for sitcoms.

All that cheering we do when we're at a game apparently does a lot more than fill the place  with noise, it gives the players a feeling like home. I wonder how much of that noise is tied to a player's adrenaline. The more that adrenaline rushes, the stronger the performance.

Take a listen to what Wrigley Field was working with to try and make it sound like we are there.

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