How Much Money Does Rockford's Mayor Make?
So, I'm sitting here in the office looking at an email from IllinoisPolicy about mayoral salaries here in Illinois, and I'm starting to think that perhaps I've made a vocational error. I'm learning that some of Illinois' mayors are among the highest-payed mayors in the …
Flashback: Midwest Groundhogs Are Cranky When Awakened
In case you weren't paying attention yesterday morning, Thursday was Groundhog Day, the one day a year that we Americans come to our senses, stop paying attention to computers, forecasts, and maps, and let a sleepy, harassed rodent tell us how to dress for the next 6 weeks.
Emanuel Wins 2nd Term as Chicago Mayor
CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pledging to take a new approach to a big spike in pension costs, ongoing gang violence and negotiating with unions that spent millions trying to defeat him.
Emanuel won a second term Tuesday over Cook County Commissioner Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia…
Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey With 'Riley & Scot' [AUDIO]
Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey joined us on the show this week to discuss a number of issues that have been simmering over the past month or so.
First on the agenda was funding for the future AAR facility at the Rockford Airport. Both the Rockford City Council and the Winnebago County Board now have …

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