We used to have to wait to hear what the weather-prognosticating groundhogs had to say until Groundhog Day, but thanks to social media, we get a preview.

The Groundhog Day tradition in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin dates back to 1948, when Wisconsin celebrated its centennial year. For over 50 years, the Sun Prairie members and supporters have been proclaiming Sun Prairie to be "The Groundhog Capital of the World." This proclamation has caused reverberations from the halls of Congress, to the coal fields of Pennsylvania, and in the news media of the country. Groundhog Day is tied to Candlemas Day, a centuries old celebration day in Europe. Folklore states: "If the day is bright and clear there'll be two winters in the year."

Since the big day falls tomorrow, a Saturday, we haven't been treated to all the hoopla we normally get each year at the beginning of February. However, Sun Prairie's Jimmy has set himself up with a Twitter account, and Jimmy's got some thoughts:

Before you think about throwing some shade at Jimmy, I feel the need to remind you that he can be kind of surly if you annoy him. Just ask the mayor of Sun Prairie:

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