groundhog day

Flashback: Midwest Groundhogs Are Cranky When Awakened
In case you weren't paying attention yesterday morning, Thursday was Groundhog Day, the one day a year that we Americans come to our senses, stop paying attention to computers, forecasts, and maps, and let a sleepy, harassed rodent tell us how to dress for the next 6 weeks.
Mayor Gets Forecast Wrong, Groundhog Bites Him
Jimmy the Groundhog apparently prefers to sleep in.
After being rudely dragged from his bed the other morning, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin's fur covered weather prognosticator, Sun Prairie Jimmy, saw his shadow (meaning 6 more weeks of winter), then whispered his displeasure at being awakened to Sun …
Harold Ramis Was My "Star Wars"
In thinking about the passing of one of the great modern filmmakers, I have come to this realization: Harold Ramis was my "Star Wars".
What do I mean by that? Well, first a confession that should come as no surprise to those who listen to the show: I don't care about "…