This week, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his first budget address to lawmakers in Springfield. In it, he described the tough medicine needed to get the state's financial situation back on track following more than a decade of unbridled Democrat control. Rauner now is forced to find a fix for a nearly $2 billion hole in the current year's budget and and even bigger shortfall in 2016.

State Senator Dave Syverson joined the show Thursday with reaction to the Governor's plan. He told us his understanding of the pending solution for the 2015 budget, which the Governor said could be only days away. We also discussed his call for the re-implementation of the SMART Act, a money-saving measure aimed the state's Medicaid program.

Additionally, Sen. Syverson confirmed there is no money in the Rauner budget for the third Chicago airport in Peotone, which should be great news for the Rockford Airport:

You also can hear our full conversation with the Senator above.

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