If you're a friend of nature you will not be happy about this.

There is a rare prairie in Illinois and you may have never seen it or even knew it existed. Currently, there are plans in place to bulldoze through it.

It's called Bell Bowl Prairie and is surrounded by Chicago Rockford International Airport's property. It's truly hidden deep in Rockford's southside.

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View


Bell Bowl Prairie has existed hundreds of years before the airport even existed, we're talking so old it was formed by glaciers. Not only that but the wildlife and plants that are rare or endangered, according to Illinois Environment Council.

Just this year the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, a federally endangered species, was observed on the prairie.

The land has historical significance as it was once Camp Grant and the bowl was built as an amphitheater. Boxing legend Joe Louis even fought at the camp for the troops.

Here comes the concern.

The Rockford Airport Is Hiring
Chicago Rockford Airport Photo


A nearly-300 acre expansion of Chicago Rockford International Airport's carbo operation would mean part or all of Bell Bowl Prairie would be destroyed.

This article sheds light on the alternative to bulldozing the land but even that would all but ruin the wildlife's environment.

Transplanting any part of Bell Bowl Prairie would be an exercise in futility, not a viable option. It would be taking the living equivalent of the most intricate, exquisite stained glass church window, shattering it, casting the shards on the ground and then hoping that it will reassemble itself.

Credit: Google Satellite
Credit: Google Satellite

Conservationists and nature lovers have until November 1, 2021, to cry and convince Governor Pritzker to review the layout of this expansion and order Bell Bowl Prairie to remain untouched.

You can do that, with a pre-written email, here.

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