You've undoubtedly heard quite a bit in the news recently about the recently-passed, controversial legislation known as the "Police Reform Bill." And, while the bill has its supporters, law enforcement agencies from across the state are in heavy opposition to it.

Also opposing the Police Reform Bill is Illinois 35th District State Senator Dave Syverson, who voted against it in the Illinois Senate, as did State Senator Brian Stewart, and Illinois State Representatives Sosnowski, Keicher, and Cabello.

State Senator Dave Syverson joined the WROK Morning Show on Wednesday to share his thoughts on the Police Reform Bill, in particular the many provisions of the soon-to-be state law that he says will make things worse in our state, not better.

Leaving the particulars of the bill aside for a moment, Senator Syverson told us that even the way the bill was voted on was handled extremely poorly. Syverson noted that the bill itself wasn't even given to lawmakers to consider until 3:30am, long after the press and members of law enforcement who opposed the bill had gone home for the night.

After dropping the 600-plus page bill at 3:30am, Senator Syverson tells us that it was voted on one hour later at 4:30am. Syverson says that even the bill's number was changed before the voting took place in an effort to confuse opponents.

State Senator Dave Syverson:

"No matter how you look at it, it was wrong. No legislation should be passed without an open public process."

Listen in to hear Senator Syverson's responses to our questions about some of the particulars, including:

  • Elimination of cash bail
  • Removal of due process for police officers
  • Making it harder to prosecute those who resist, obstruct, or interfere with police, firefighters, and/or correctional employees
  • Significant limits on detaining offenders
  • Restrictions to how police agencies respond to riots
  • The unfunded mandate of body cameras without any resources to offset the cost
  • Whether Governor Pritzker will sign the bill into law


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