Can I be perfectly honest for a second? I am one of those rare folks that really doesn't pay attention to gas prices when I fill up. Is it because I have sooo much money it doesn't matter? HECK NO! It's because paying attention to the amount usually makes me sick to my stomach.

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The fact is, we all need gas and will usually find ways to save pennies at the pump. Whether that means driving around town looking for the cheapest gas prices or simply signing up for cards that save you money per gallon, you gotta do what you gotta do.

How to Save The Most Money When Buying Gas in Illinois


I do have cards that save me pennies on the gallon, but my go-to gas savings plan is usually to avoid filling up on the weekend. Well, guess what? That tradition doesn't seem to hold up anymore.

According to;

 In 2021, the middle of the week became far more expensive to fill up than on Mondays or Fridays. While the weekend previously held the title for the most expensive prices, Wednesday now follows Thursday as the most expensive day to fill-up.

So if Thursday is the worst day to fill up in most states, when is the best day to fill up? Apparently, it's Monday. GasBuddy says that the best way to save money at the gas pumps in 2022 is to fill up your car on the way to work on Monday. Is anyone else a little shocked by that, or is it just me?

If you like to go on road trips, and you want to see the best and worst days to buy gas in all 50 states, click here.

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