Suburban Express, a shuttle company that runs a route from Champaign to the suburbs, has issued an apology after running an ad some people found as racist. 

I say "some people" because believe it or not there are some folks out there that don't exactly find this offensive.

The line in question is where they're listing the plusses of traveling with them that states "Passengers like you. You won't feel like you're in China when you're on our busses." How this line was approved and eventually distributed is beyond me.

What's possibly even worse than them advertising this is how they "enforce" this. How do you keep anyone from riding your bus? The whole thing is really tone deaf and hopefully, someone has learned their lesson.

As far as the apology? You judge for yourself how sorry they are.


Included in the "apology" is a line about how the University of Illinois has screwed up its finances so much that they had to raise tuition and as a result nearly 20% of their enrollment now comes from China.

I'm not going to even fact check that statement even though it seems like it may be a little off because that is NOT the place to start throwing stones to deflect the blame. Just a simple "We messed up. Sorry for that" would have sufficed.

Just a little Public Relations 101 on how not to look racist in public.

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