If you were to look around our state for the safest communities, it wouldn't take very long, and you wouldn't have to go very far. Two of our nation's safest cities (according to a new study) are in the northern part of Illinois--but Rockford isn't one of them.

Personal finance site WalletHub ran the numbers on 182 American cities for their list of "2017's Safest Cities," and here's what they looked at to come to their conclusions:

To determine where Americans can feel most secure — in more than one sense — WalletHub’s analysts compared more than 180 cities across 35 key indicators of safety. Our data set ranges from assaults per capita to unemployment rate to road quality.

Before we look at the Illinois cities on the list, let's take a look at the top 5 places that WalletHub found to be the safest:

1) Nashua, New Hampshire

2) South Burlington, Vermont

3) Warwick, Rhode Island

4) Columbia, Maryland

5) Gilbert, Arizona


And, the five bringing up the bottom of the list:

178) Detroit, Michigan

179) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

180) San Bernardino, California

181) St. Louis, Missouri

182) Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I mentioned that you wouldn't have to go far to find the two Illinois cities on WalletHub's list because they are:

16) Aurora, Illinois


135) Chicago, Illinois

Here are a couple of other takes on safe cities/places:

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