In case you forgot, we're getting a new burger place in Rockford next year and well, we can't wait.

I love the Edgebrook Center.

Yes, we have plenty of other great areas in Rockford, but this is my favorite.

When I started working at ZOK, I drove 90 minutes each way, so there's wasn't always extra time to explore the city, but Edgebrook is less than three minutes away from the station so it became my favorite area... mostly because I knew how to get there without getting lost.

And we're getting another great reason to love Edgebrook, Baker Street Burgers.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

We knew we were getting this new spot, but we didn't know just how awesome it was going to be, until now.

Baker Street posted these photos on Facebook over the weekend and basically we're starting a BSB countdown.

That cheese though.

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