It was like something out of a nightmare. There it was, in the middle of The Riley & Scot Show, climbing across the ceiling of the studio, oozing menace and malice (well, maybe not that last part).

Scot was the first to notice the (Mediterranean, cause I looked it up) centipede. We were discussing, well, I forget now due to all the excitement, but we were definitely talking (since that's our job), when Scot stopped and pointed at a speaker near the ceiling.

Scot: Did you see that? Oh, man...that's a big bug.

Riley: I must have missed it. What kind of bug are we talking about?

Scot: Not sure...centipede? Millipede?

At that moment the creature appeared from behind the speaker, while ominous music began to play (again, maybe not that last part).

Scot: See?

Riley: Oh, man...yeah I see it. It looks like someone's eyebrow working its way across the ceiling. What should we do?

Together: Set fire to the studio!! (for the third time, maybe not that last part)

So, we did what anyone in today's world of "I must share everything on social media" would do. We took a photo, killed the centipede, and tweeted the photo to our followers.

Judging from the listener and social media reactions, we're either brave warriors who faced down a Grendel-like monster, or complete wimps who are scared of the entomological equivalent of 17 year old's mustache.

We'll let history decide. And, for the listener who suggested there's always more than one creepy crawly around, we're still considering a cleansing fire in the studio.

And, for all of you who claim no fear of the aforementioned creepy crawlies, take a look at this:



And, if that didn't run you off, maybe this one will: