Proponents of a minimum wage hike in Illinois received bad news last night. House Speaker Michael Madigan’s spokesman says the Speaker does not plan to call a vote on a proposed increase in this legislative session.

The decision likely means the wage hike issue will be put on hold until next year.

A Democratic senator was pushing a proposal to increase the $8.25-per-hour wage to $11. She said earlier Tuesday she modified a proposal it to accommodate business concerns. But House leadership said they didn’t have the support to pass it.

It also seems that Madigan has ruled out any kind of a "lame duck" session in January. That's the period of time when the "temporary" income tax was approved four years ago. It appears that any discussion about a minimum wage hike will take place under Governor Bruce Rauner, who has said he will not sign off on a bill that is not paired with certain "pro-business" measures.

State Rep. Tom Demmer joined "Riley & Scot" to discuss the postponement of a vote on a minimum wage hike. We also commented on the possibility of Illinois creating an Obamacare exchange and the approval of the "Secure Choice" bill.

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