2021 is the most highly anticipated year ever. The thought of not being in the year 2020 anymore just sounds like a dream. But when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, there's some more going on than just one giant sigh of relief.

A new year means new laws. For Illinois, there actually aren't that many new laws going into effect at the start of 2021. There's only three new laws and a minimum wage increase happening.

So here's three new laws going into effect January 1st in Illinois according to SJR -

  1. Insulin costs cap - Senate Bill 667 (Public Act 101-0625) amends the Illinois Insurance Code to cap out-of-pocket insulin costs at $100 per month for all patients using a state regulated insurance plan, regardless of the amount of insulin or type of covered prescription insulin drug used to fill the insured patient’s prescription.
  2. Use of DNA in missing person cases - House Bill 2708 (Public Act 101-0266) amends the Missing Persons Identification Act to allow law enforcement agencies to obtain a DNA sample of a missing person or a DNA reference sample from family members’ DNA, once a missing person report is made.
  3. Keeping victims’ addresses confidential - House Bill 2818 (Public Act 101-0270) amends the Address Confidentiality for Victims of Domestic Violence Act by including survivors of sexual assault and stalking in the Illinois Address Confidentiality Program (ACP), which offers survivors protection from their abusers by allowing them to acquire and use a substitute address instead of their real address.

On top of those three new laws, there's also a minimum wage increase. The minimum wage in Illinois will rise from $10 per hour to $11 per hour on Jan. 1.

You can read more on each law and learn more about the minimum wage increase here.


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