As discussed here previously, when you host a morning talk show, you spend a lot of time reading "hard news" stories, opinion pieces, polling results, etc. So much time, in fact, that I've just got to give my brain, eyes, and mouse something fun, goofy, strange, or just plain interesting.

I call them time wasters, but they're really more like time outs. So, with that in mind, enjoy a few of these time outs that I've discovered since our last time-waster post.

I've written about our Weimaraner, Lucy, a couple of times here. Our family just adores her, but this family has one great dog and a wonderful story to go with it.

If there's one thing guys really, really look forward to, it's shopping with the woman in their life. Okay, maybe not these guys.

Think you're cut out for The Silent Service?

We just celebrated National Pancake Day, but I don't remember being offered this.

You're in pretty good physical shape, right? Can you do this?

This is NOT building a better mousetrap.

Some very cool examples of Legos being used in clever ways.

Take a look at some of these jobs that no longer exist.

Take a look at our planet with a few billion less people.

And, like me, I'm sure you've considered tickling a meerkat. Go ahead.

Let's end with Paula Creamer being awesome last weekend.

Now get out there and waste some time! Have a great weekend.

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