It should come as no surprise that the most hostile internet trolls live in Illinois. As someone that writes almost a dozen articles a week, I see trolls' worthless comments on a regular basis and most of the time they comment without reading the article. So how did this bit of information come about? Someone reviewed a bunch of comments online.

An online commenting platform filtered through millions of online comments in the United States to find out where the worst trolls live, when they're online the most, and more. According to Wired, thousands of forums were searched but not Facebook or Twitter. The platform, Disqus, shed light on who is the worst.

The company analyzed 92 million comments over a 16-month period, written by almost 2 million authors on more than 7,000 forums that use the software. (So sites like Infowars and the Wirecutter are included, but Facebook and Twitter are not.)

The whole state of Vermont had the highest number of comments left by people that hide behind screens, New Hampshire had the least total comments. And before you assume Illinois didn't actually make the list, it certainly did. In fact, a suburb south of Chicago topped the list of most hostile internet trolls in the country. Even worse, a majority of the comments came from just a few people.

  • Park Forest, IL
    The most toxic city in the US, where 34 percent of comments are hostile. But 99 percent of those come from just two authors.

Just two authors? Are you kidding me? Something tells me you will want to stay off their lawn or avoid the mom's house. Either way, how about we stop trolling online. Thanks.

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