As if the Bears didn't have enough to clean up after getting destroyed in Philadelphia. 

This Bears team is a disaster all the way down to the janitorial staff. I'm not a clean freak and even though I have a background in restaurant management I'll play it a little loose on unrefrigerated leftovers. I mean who hasn't taken a look at the pizza left out overnight and decided that it's probably ok. But I draw a hard line on messing around with sushi. That stuff needs to be watched carefully.

I'm guessing it was left out after a meeting and everyone involved thought they were too important to clean up. It was a Wednesday before Thanksgiving and all the maintenance staff had left early to start the holiday weekend. Someone at that meeting has to suck it up and clear the RAW FISH from the boardroom before you shut out the lights, that's just basic decency.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough bad news coming from Halas Hall, this just came in:

Bears fever! Catch it today! (Sorry, that's just salmonella.)

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