Times change. I get that. When I was a kid, summertime fun could be had by spraying each other with the garden hose. Crazy fun was running through the sprinkler. Kiddie pools were small plastic tubs that you filled with the aforementioned garden hose. All in all, we enjoyed it, but the cool stuff came after my childhood.

Things like the Slip-n-Slide made our childhood fun look like...well...running around with a hose. You could run and dive, slide through the backyard, and then get up and do it all over again. It beat up the yard, but hey, that was my dad's problem.

Dennis Wise, Getty Images
Dennis Wise, Getty Images

Oh, if only my dad had cared less about his lawn (and had a much, much bigger lawn), we could've been doing stuff like these Aussies celebrating Australia Day:

Or, even better, these guys who incorporate heights:

And, as long as we're fantasizing, here's one that over 20 million people have checked out:

I've got to figure that I'm going to feel somewhat inadequate later today running through the sprinklers in my backyard.