If you're like me (and, I know I am), you love summertime grilling. You also love the work of The Slo-Mo Guys, and most of all, you hope to end all of your grilling adventures by not being on fire.

Okay, you're saying, I'm with you on all counts, but what do the Slo-Mo Guys have to do with the other two things?

Good question. The answer is: they've produced a really cool video on what NOT to do should you encounter a grease/oil fire on your grill or in your kitchen. Mainly, don't throw water on that fire!

I know that Fire Prevention Week isn't until October, but with all the brats, burgers, steaks, and hot dogs going this summer, I thought this video would be a good primer for those who didn't get a chance to go over grease/oil fires in high school home-economics class.

Plus, slow-motion makes learning fun: