In Illinois, here are six crazy laws you didn't know about.

It's like something you would see in a sitcom. One of the characters gets in trouble for something they had no idea was illegal at the time. Kind of like the show finale of Seinfeld.

He's a good example. In the town, I grew up, which is Villa Park, Illinois. There are no dance floors allowed. Somebody call Kevin Bacon. My friends and I would make Footloose references all the time.

Just so you won't get into any trouble while traveling around our state, here are some crazy laws you probably didn't know about.

According to,

  • "In Des Plaines, wheelbarrows with "for sale" signs may not be chained to trees." Apparently, they don't have a problem with people stealing wheelbarrows there. Must be nice.

  • "In Decatur, it's against the law to drive a car without a steering wheel." I'm not really sure how that is possible but it's good to know.

  • "In Joliet, you must contact the police before entering the city in an automobile." I've broken this law several times, I don't think they're enforcing it.

  • "Those under 21 can drink legally, but they must be enrolled in a culinary program to do so." If I knew this, I would have gone to school to become a chef.

  • "It's against the law to urinate on a street sign in Normal." I went to school at Illinois State which is in Normal. This is definitely true. In fact, you can't urinate in public anywhere. Please don't ask why I know that.

  • "Don’t ever order a bottle of water at a Bloomington bar and attempt to walk out of the place with it." This wasn't a problem when I lived down there because nobody drank water at the bars.

I hope this helps you avoid future issues.

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