A very quick-thinking Baraboo, Wisconsin Walmart employee handled a potentially dangerous situation with some pretty surprising skills.

So, a deer walks into a bar...

How many times have you heard a story that starts like that? It sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it?

Here's what really happened.

A deer walked into a Walmart...

That really is what happened on June 23 at a Baraboo, Wisconsin Walmart. In the video you can watch below, that appears to have been captured by a cellphone, you'll see the surprising skills I mentioned earlier.

The Walmart employee approaches the deer, takes it off it legs, then pins it to the floor. When you see the way she handles this deer, I'm pretty sure you'll agree that this seems like something she may have done before.

That deer doesn't stand a chance of breaking free. I'm guessing she's worked around large animals before. She held that deer to the ground while her coworkers opened some back doors to the store to give the deer an exit.

Here's the Big Question of the Day

How did that deer even get in the store? You know how busy it gets in the parking lot of a Walmart, so how on earth was it able to just waltz in like it was headed to do some quick shopping?

Managers of the store have not commented publicly. I did read though that the deer wasn't injured and was last seen headed into Target.

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