The DeKalb City Council is debating whether its members should get a pay raise. Which is a somewhat unique position, when you think about it --"Hey, should we all get paid more money? Let's take a vote!"

The Daily Chronicle reports Alderman Dave Baker wants to increase council members' pay from $5,400 per year to at least $12,000:

At Baker’s request, city staff compiled pay data for elected officials in other municipalities for the council members to use in reviewing pay for elected officials including the mayor, aldermen and city clerk.

Baker said council members who are better-paid will perform better.

“I see a degradation to the integrity of the council,” he said. “We let things go by that we know are wrong because no one has the energy or incentive to delve in and stop it.”


I will say I have some understanding of that argument. Basically, you get what you pay for. However, a study of nearby communities shows median pay for those 13 municipalities was $5,400. So it's not as if DeKalb currently is scraping the bottom.

The council is expected to discuss the proposal at its meeting Monday. Any changes would take effect after the next election.