John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk has two words of advice for Donald Trump, and only one if he’s speaking Spanish.

“There’s a good Spanish word…callate, to Trump, which is ‘shut up,'” Kirk said.

Kirk agrees with other Republicans that what Trump has been saying on immigration since he began his presidential campaign, like claiming many undocumented immigrants coming from Mexico are “killers” and “rapists”, are reflecting poorly on the rest of the party.

“I would say that Trump is probably hurting the Republican Party with his over-the-top comments on the spirit and character of Mexicans, which is not correct,” Kirk said. “I went to school in Mexico. It’s not a country of rapists and criminals.”

Kirk supported comprehensive immigration reform when it passed in the Senate in 2013, but he blames President Obama for the lack of momentum on similar legislation now, saying the White House hasn’t put its “time and attention” on the issue.

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