For those who don't think that dreams really do come true--you've obviously never dreamed of being handed a free bottle of McDonald's "Special Sauce." For those in Rockford who have dared to dream of having their own bottle of the stuff, today is your lucky day.

McDonald's will be giving away 10,000 bottles of their "Special Sauce" today at McDonald's locations across the country, Rockford included. The limited edition bottles are meant to promote two new Big Mac sandwiches, the Grand Mac and the Big Mac Junior.

Sure, you could go ahead and be conventional and pour some onto your home-grilled burgers, but as for me--I may just sit in the car with a straw.

Here's where you go today in Rockford and Belvidere between 11am-1pm to potentially receive a bottle of what you may think is just Thousand Island dressing (McDonald's says it waaaaaaay more than just dressing), but for many, it's a bottle of dreams come true:

  1. McDonald's at 4623 State Street, Rockford
  2. McDonald's at 4403 Harrison Avenue, Rockford
  3. McDonald's at 1313 N. State Street Belvidere

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