Going to a pumpkin patch and loading the trunk with pumpkins, gourds, and other fall goodies is an annual tradition many families love, mine included, but honestly, it's way easy to go overboard. If you want to deck your home out to the 9's in farm-fresh fall decor, but your budget doesn't agree, I know one place not too far from Rockford that will please both your family and your wallet.

Say Hello to Susie's Garden Patch in Garden Prairie, Illinois

For years one of my besties has told me about this awesome farm they go to every year where they load up on huge pumpkins and pay about a fraction of the price you would pay other places. This magical farm is called Susie's Garden Patch, and although I have driven by it in Garden Prairie several times over the years, (usually in the off-season), I am ashamed to say I have not been able to stop there yet for their famous 'Pumpkin Fill-up'.  That changes this Columbus Day weekend, and here's why...

What's So Special About Susie's Garden Patch's 'Pumpkin Fill-up'?

Although Susie's Garden Patch is always hopping during the Fall season, every Columbus Day weekend the fun kicks into high gear. For those three days of the year only, all the pumpkins and gourds in their patch are sold at a BIG discount, you get to pick them yourself, and there is no admission fee! So, if you love carving a bunch of jack-o-lanterns each Halloween, or if you just like to turn your yard into a fairy pumpkin land, Susie's Garden Patch is ready to hook you up on the cheap. If a few pumpkins and a whole lot of cider donuts is more your style, Susie's has got you covered there too. FYI, the official hours for Susie's Garden Patch's Pumpkin Fill-up are Saturday, Sunday and Monday, (October 9,10, and 11) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I'm sure I'll see you there soon!

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