Is there nothing science can't do?

Researchers at Oregon State University say they've developed an algae that tastes just like bacon. Technically, it's a red marine algae called dulse that looks like translucent red lettuce and grows in the wild along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines.

KPTV-TV says previously this algae has been used as a cooking ingredient or nutritional supplement:

...but researcher Chris Langdon and colleagues at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center have now created and patented a new strain of dulse.

This strain is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants with up to 16 percent protein in dry weight. To put it in perspective, researchers say it has twice the nutritional value of a much better known superfood kale.

According to the researchers and the chefs they've partnered with, this strain of dulse taste like bacon when it's fried.

It's not unheard of either -- Langdon says dulset has been used as a food in northern Europe for centuries. A product development team has worked on recipes and apparently a dulse-based rice cracker and salad dressing are the most promising. But more interesting food ideas could be coming soon.

And that means your vegetarian and vegan friends soon might be able to enjoy the great taste of bacon right alongside you.





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