If you've traveled to Rockford, Rockton, Belvidere, Schaumberg, Peoria, Rock Island, Springfield, or a few other places in the last year or so you may have been made famous by the Google Maps Car.

The Google Maps Cars is a sight to see, it's usually a 4-door vehicle wrapped in vinyl that looks like Google Maps.

If you spot it you'll find something like this on the vehicle's roof.

2010 CeBIT Technology Fair
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The Google car blurs out faces on people and statues too for whatever reason, but I remember when it was first a thing because an old friend's dad was caught on camera mowing his lawn. It was funny because he was shirtless and wearing long white socks with shorts.

I don't believe myself or my car has been captured on camera by the Google Maps Car but wouldn't it be embarrassing if it caught you picking your nose? If you get bored enough, check out Google Street View and look inside vehicles for people eating or drinking, talking on the phone, or whatever else people do inside cars.

A Google Maps Car can often be found more frequently in highly populated areas, like Chicago, and while you will see few windy city screenshots, you'll also find other areas of Illinois.


If you see yourself or someone you know let us know in an email so we can brag about it for you.


You can track the Google Maps Car here.

LOOK! You or Someone You Know Might Be Visible on Google Street View!

If you've traveled through some of Illinois' big cities over the last year or so you may have been made famous by the Google Maps Car.

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