A key member of the recent three-time Stanley Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks is calling it quits.

I knew the day was coming soon but I didn't want to believe it.

After missing all last season with a skin disease and a bad reaction to the medication to treat the problem, it was a long shot that the hockey legend would return.

According to nbcsports.com,

"Blackhawks winger, Marian Hossa, announced I will not play hockey anymore."  

The world of NHL hockey contracts and salary caps make it a strange situation.

Hossa is still signed for three more years.

To help out Chicago, he won't be officially retired until the contract runs out. That way they can put him on the long-term injury list and it doesn't count against the cap.

Once he's off the team's payroll, it's most likely he will work for the Hawks in the front office.

Marian will definitely be missed.


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