Wine, craft beer and more... you got me, After the Vine.

2021 is our year right? The year we get back to doing stuff, the year we spend way more money than we meant to, the year new businesses are popping up everywhere.

One of those new businesses, 'After the Vine,' which is coming to Rockton this fall.

Rockton is known for their tight knit community and small businesses, which explains why we're reading about this new wine bar thanks to Jodi from Sugar Britches, another amazing Rockton small business owner.

Jodi shared this post on Facebook which filled us in that 'After the Vine,' would land at 159-163 Hawick in Rockton this September.

I love wine throughout the entire year, but there's something special about wine in September, when the sun is still out but there's a fall breeze.

It's the perfect time to open a wine bar!

Plus I think it's actually wine harvest season.

After the Vine is a spot for 'wine tasting, retail wine sales, craft beers and gifts,' according to the Facebook post and I for one am very excited.

Rockton has been through a lot in the last month, so it's extra wonderful to see businesses growing and coming to the area.

We are so thankful there were not lives lost in the Chemtool fire last week, but there is still so much damage, our hearts are with those familes.

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