Just a quick reminder for those who haven't yet hit the streets to begin their day: it's slippery in spots, and will remain so for the remainder of the morning.

As was mentioned this morning on the WROK Morning Show, you don't want to start the new year by trying to remember what the deductible is on your car insurance. My day began by sliding out of my neighborhood, then more sliding in front of the radio station.

We got a report of a rollover crash at 9th Avenue and 20th Street this morning, with Rockford Fire responding, and numerous calls from people who've been sliding through stop signs and intersections.

The problem is that while the temperature of the air is above freezing, but the ground temperatures aren't, and rain falling on lightly used or untreated roadways can and will freeze.

Salt trucks have been out since early this morning, but there are still plenty of slippery spots, so watch yourself out there. And, let's not forget the wind advisory for our area. It's in effect from noon to 10pm today, with gusts topping 40mph.

You don't want to show up in one of these compilation videos:


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