Fred VanVleet's stellar college career ended on Saturday, but what he did after the game gave us one more reason why all Rockford residents should be proud of what VanVleet's accomplished.

Dejected, sad and tired, VanVleet could've just walked back to the Wichita St. locker room without speaking to anyone.

His incredible college career was over. The two time conference player of the year and one of the best players in Wichita St. history, many others with the pedigree similar to VanVleet would sit at their locker sullen.

Not VanVleet. As he was walking through the tunnel, he stopped and made a special mention to a member of the media who in turn shared it on his Facebook page.

According to Travis Heying, "Fred extended his hand to me, put his other hand on my shoulder and said 'Thanks for everything you guys have done for us'...I couldn't say a word and I think he knew it. I just pursed my lips and nodded."

This was after a loss, VanVleet's final collegiate loss. While VanVleet will never be a collegiate champion, his graciousness in losing is a great example for all student athletes in Rockford and the area.

Best of luck Fred! The entire city can't wait to see what you do next.