The 2020s haven't been a blast for a ton of people but it has seemed especially cruel to anyone that is a fan of a Chicago sports team.

NOTE: This post excludes the Bulls, who are somehow in the best position of any franchise in terms of both on the field/court performance and the amount of good will they have with their fans. This is almost exclusively because how just how dysfunctional the team was before the current management.

The 2020s have seen:

  • The Cubs refuse to spend any money despite charging their fans almost more than any other club to see their mediocre at best product.
  • The White Sox hire a dinosaur as a head coach in what can only be described as a media relations disaster. The fun, exciting club has been reduced to a depressed, injured group of under achievers
  • The Bears just reset their front office after the previous regime was proven to not have any idea what was going on. Their media relations have made the White Sox look like media geniuses.
  • The Blackhawks media department have made the Bears media department seem like media savants. It's hard to imagine a franchise handling a situation worse than the Blackhawks have with the Kyle Beach situation.

To go along with this disappointment has been an exodus of players. Either to retirement, trades, or free agency, all these players were members of a past era of Chicago sports.

Most will be remembered fondly, some will always be the subject of a "What if?" debate at the end of a Berwyn townie bar.

These are 15 big time Chicago sports names that left the city in 2020.

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