Anyone who’s listened to “Riley & Scot” knows the respect we have for our veterans and for our current service members. We try never to miss an opportunity to pay them the honor they deserve.

Today we shine a spotlight on Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Craig Moody. He’s a Rockford native who is currently undergoing an operational training period in preparation for future deployments on the USS John C. Stennis.

Here, Moody places a bag of burnable trash into an incinerator aboard USS John C. Stennis:

Navy Office of Community Outreach/Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Andre T. Richard

The USS John C. Stennis is the seventh Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier in the United States Navy, named for Senator John C. Stennis of Mississippi. She was commissioned on 9 December 1995. Her home port is Bremerton, Washington.

Thanks to Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Craig Moody for his service to our country and also to his family for supporting him in his effort.