Right in our own backyard a new World Record was set just as 2014 was dawning.

In a video from January 2, 2014 we clearly can see Andrew Cohen breaking the mark for Highest Backwards Bowling Score at Don Carter Lanes:

That's a 280. Backwards. I'm jumping for joy if I can hit 180 bowling front-first.

What, you've never heard of backwards bowling before? That's OK, neither had I. But based on that video it looks like you have to dislocate your wrist on each shot just to get it down the lane. Although, in the comment section, Andrew says:

[M]y hand doesn't really take any more abuse bowling this way then it does when I bowl forwards. I'm very curious to learn about other backwards bowlers and what success they've had....I'm the only 4 step backwards bowler who ends on the left foot (for right) that I know of.

Let's go to recordsetter.com to see the official rules:

- must be a single ten-pin bowling game
- must use regulation-sized ball and pins
- must use standard scoring system
- may only use one lane
- must provide video evidence

OK, the challenge is out there. Who's ready to become the new high-scorer in backwards bowling? After all, records are made to be broken.


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