When I was a kid in school, I marveled at, and admired greatly, the older kid on my school bus who could burp the alphabet. He could also burp people's names, song lyrics, and around the time of the 8th grade Constitution Test, he once burped the preamble. Talk about a skill-set!

However, as accomplished as he was with the alphabet and such, he apparently didn't have what it takes to be a record-setter. For that, my friends, you need volume.

Nev Sharp is a man from a town in Australia's Northern Territory called "Humpty Doo." Seriously. Humpty Doo. If you think I'm making that up, click here.

See? I'm not making it up. Humpty Doo, Australia.

Anyhoo...Nev headed into a local recording studio the other day to put his otherworldly belching abilities to the test. He claims to irritate his neighbors on a regular basis by his constant "practicing," so he thought it would be fun to measure the decibels his burps can reach.

110.6 decibels! The previous world record, set by a British man named Paul Hunn, is 109.9 decibels. Nev is just waiting to hear from the folks at Guinness to see if he's got the new record.

To put that 110.6 decibel number in perspective, here are the decibel counts of some common things:

  • Human whisper: 20db
  • Normal conversation: 30db
  • Normal traffic, noisy restaurant, vacuum cleaner: 70db
  • Chain saw: 100db
  • Loud factory, rock band: 110db
  • Heavy Metal rock concert, jackhammer: 120db
  • Shotgun blast, jet take-off: 140db

And, apologies beforehand on this one, but this made the juvenile boy in me laugh out loud:

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