I have a friend who used to hate golfers. He hated them because he was stupid enough to buy a home along a golf course (that's okay) that just happened to be in the direct flight path of at least two dozen golf balls per day (not okay). After replacing windows and siding a few more times than he cared to, he sold the place. End of hatred for golfers.

Maybe the kangaroo in the video should follow my friend's example. Just go somewhere else if all the duffers are driving you insane. This "running them off" thing will probably lead to trouble.

Oh, and you two dudes out golfing...if I couldn't see that it was an angry kangaroo that was chasing you, your reactions would have made me think there was a pack of velociraptors carrying the severed heads of a previous foursome bearing down. C'mon man, it's one kangaroo. Dangerous? Sure. But not soil-yourself-on-YouTube scary.

Plus, they seem to hate people hanging around ponds even more than golfers:

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