Some Rockford homeowners don't think the 1973 ordinance is fair. 

Rockford passed a local ordinance in 1973 that said all driveways must be paved. Fines were to be handed out for non-compliance. Take a trip around Rockford and you'll probably notice that this ordinance hasn't been strictly, or at all, enforced.

Last year the city decided that it would enforce the paved driveway ordinance beginning November 1 of this year.

Beginning in November, the city says that they will begin fining homeowners for having a gravel driveway.

In researching this story I found out that this isn't the first time the 40+ year ordinance has made some news. It apparently was also a local issue back in 2008.

The effort to clean up Rockford's driveways obviously didn't stick, we'll have to wait and see if this time it's taken a little more seriously.

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