It turns out that Anthony Rizzo isn't perfect after all. 

Honestly though, if this is the worst thing on Rizzo's resume he's going to be alright.

According to Sahadev Sharma who writes for The Athletic, Rizzo, who doesn't even watch the show, takes great joy in teasing his teammates. Albert Almora relayed a humorous story:

“We have some players here – I won’t name-drop, but (it’s) our first baseman,” Albert Almora Jr. said. “He doesn’t freaking watch the show but he still manages to come up with some ideas that are right.”

I think we were on a bus trip back to Chicago and he was screaming things that may have happened,” Almora said. “He said, ‘My buddy told me this!’ and we’re all screaming at him to be quiet and, well, other words. He’s joking, but there are a lot of ‘Game of Thrones’ fans in here. I got (Kyle) Schwarber into it and that’s all we talk about on Sundays.

During the interview about Rizzo spoiling Game of Thrones, the Cub's first baseman tried to do it again:

“Hey guy, we’re talking ‘Game of Thrones,’” Almora said to Rizzo. “What spoiler you got for us?”

Rizzo just started saying names and pairing them with “dies” or “sleeps with.” None of it made any sense.

“You see?” Almora said to me, sarcastically disgusted, before turning back to Rizzo. “You don’t even know what you’re talking about, bro.”

Luckily for Throne fans on the Cubs, they only have to deal with one more week of Rizzo trying to ruin pop culture for them, the series wraps up this weekend.



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